March 24, 2010
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Great Review of Riverboat Soul from Folk Works and IAmericana

We thought we’d pass along these reviews of Riverboat Soul from FolkWorks and IAmericana:

Riverboat Soul is a great title. The project was recorded in two days and mixed in two days, pretty much like the old blues or hillbilly artists recorded in the 1920s and 1930s. La Farge and Phil Harris produced, while Harris also handled recording, mixing and mastering in Nashville, TN, using vintage recording gear. La Farge not only sports period clothing, his bio has him hitch hiking around the good old USA and learning his trade by busking and singing for his supper. He learned to play the harmonica and kazoo while playing guitar. And sing loud.

Read the whole thingĀ here.

And here is something from a Dutch folk web site but if you don’t speak Dutch you may not get much out of it:

De 26-jarige Pokey LaFarge uit St.Louis Mississippi is al sinds zijn 18e onderweg, hij reisde kriskras door Amerika, speelde een blauwe maandag mandoline bij de Hackensaw Boys en deed vooral veel inspiratie op wat tot nu toe resulteerde in twee soloalbums.

If you speak Dutch you can read the whole thing here.


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