May 30, 2010
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Some Love from Folk and Roots …

Nice review from David Kidman at the website:

Pokey LaFarge hails from Kentucky; he spent his younger years out on the open road, where he became steeped in the music of the heroes and misfits of yesteryear – “the long-lost troubadous of country, the kings of swamp-drenched ragtime and the legendary bluesmen of the Cotton Kingdom”. His own music, inevitably, is a fresh and quirky kind of hybrid of delta and Appalachia that oozes the idiosyncrasies of Gus Cannon, Dan Hicks, Michael Hurley and the Memphis Jug Band, with occasional excursions into the worlds of Mississippi John Hurt or Loudon Wainwright. The majority of his material is self-penned, the above reference points providing the key inspiration and his own dynamic personality providing the sly humour and cheeky mannerisms. Pokey’s a kind of one-man-band figure: his dapper frame is belied by a powerful, roaring voice, and this is invariably backed by a scrappy-sounding, distinctly frantic guitar or guitjo line and punctuated with industrial-strength kazoo and harmonica.

Read the rest here.


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