September 1, 2010
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Tønder Festival Update With Video!

We went over in a storm. Of the three festivals in the last month the Tønder Festival may have been the best. We were called highlight of the festival and they’ve already announced to the press that we’ll be back next year. Photos to come shortly. Here are some videos from one of the shows:


  • Michael Weilandt

    September 21, 2010 (09:35) Reply

    No doubt, you were a highlight of the festival and I would love to see and hear you again next year.

  • Kimberley Weesm

    September 22, 2010 (19:01) Reply

    When are you playing Santa Fe? I’ve been playing your CD to everyone I know. We are ready!

  • Jens Andersen

    September 25, 2010 (14:39) Reply

    Saw you in Tent 2 saturday night at the Tønder Festival. Great to see that you´ll be back next year. We´ll be there for sure, because it really was the highlight for us to see your show. Keep up the good work and some more great songs to your show..

  • Peter Lyngmose Nielsen

    November 11, 2010 (03:18) Reply

    I will surely be looking forward to hearing you again in Tønder next year. I was very impressed by your music and show. I saw you at the opening concert at Torvet and in the club tent at your night concert. We actually had a small chat behind the scene during Neander’s performance. You were one of my best experiences this year. Unfortunately I was unable to hear you with Neander’s horns, as I was working. But next, year, if I am lucky. Bought your cd, it is great. See you!

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