March 31, 2011
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Riverboat Soul WINNER of 10th Annual Independent Music Awards!

Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three’s most recent release Riverboat Soul has won “Best Americana Album” in the 10th annual Independent Music Awards! Read all about it at the IMA website. BUT… don’t forget the “Vox Populi” portion of the Independent Music Awards is still running, and will be through July 11.   We’d love to have your vote to win these awards as well!  Be sure to vote Riverboat Soul for “Best Americana Album”, and vote “Claude Jones” (from the Riverboat Soul album”!

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  • tre

    May 6, 2011 (23:01) Reply


    i was first introduced to you at a place that isn’t even open anymore called der mannerchor in harrisburg PA. the audience was more into speaking to themselves than listening to the music at first but those interested decided to move closer and enjoy the music. when i walked in and saw the band i was like “what?” and my buddy said “no”… but i noticed a new friend of mine named churchmouse (my ears and your harmonica are close friends at least) with a washboard and i said “we arent leaving. if you have the balls to carry and play a washboard you have to be good.”

    my friends have lives and kids and wives. me? i have none of these things and i have to say you are a legal cure for my depression. i will come to any of your local live shows in central PA and while i sit alone, i enjoy the social experiment of sitting at a large table alone while groups stand instead of asking the weird guy if they can sit with him.

    but looking at this award doesn’t surprise me. have it be the first of many to come. “my” little band from der mannerchor are not just spanning the world, but winning awards while doing it.

    please keep up the fine work, i am looking forward to the new album in july, and may have to make the trip to the VA folk festival. a few names that have played there are my favorites in folk and blues from Havens to the wolf himself.

    thank you thank you thank you. i am sure to say it to the band whenever i see them due to what your music does for me. i sincerely appreciate it and am looking forward to the return to the east coast. have a safe trip and again keep up the fine work.


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